The next version is now available on iTunes.   Highlights include   the addition of Autofill,  a Screen Dimmer for the iPad and improved multitasking behavior. came up with a creative solution to help limit the PDF security flaw using Atomic Browser.   If you are concerned about the exploit,  create an Ad Filter to block all PDFs.


  1. Click the settings gear icon
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Ad Block Settings” and then “Edit Ad Block”.
  4. Click “New Filter” and then enter: *.pdf
  5. Click “Done” and “Save”.
  6. Click “Ad Block” at the top-left corner  to go back to the main screen.
  7. Click on the “Enable Ad Block” switch to turn it on.

This will work while you use Atomic Browser.  However, you still need to be careful of links from applications which automatically launch Safari (Mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

The essential web browser that should be on every iPad is Atomic Web Browser. It has the best user interface, the best feature set, and the best speed of the browsers tested. Atomic does a great job at making sure the user has many options to suit their needs; some highlight features include passcode lock, color themes, privacy mode, ad blocker, customized multitouch controls, full screen mode, desktop web page rendering, turn images off to conserve data usage, and many more. The reason why Atomic Web wins over other third party solutions is the great feature set and the ability to easy access that feature set. (Reviewed at version 3.0)

Changes include:
✔ iPad UI Redesign which includes a bookmark bar:
- To enable the bookmark bar goto settings and switch bookmark bar to on
- To change the folder used for the bookmark bar, click on the bookmark bar folder option in settings.
✔ Made full screen buttons dark gray
✔ Added open bookmark in new tab (click blue arrow)
✔ Added Open all tabs in bookmark folder (click blue arrow)
✔ Support for basic authentication
✔ Improved algorithm for low memory management. Also added a memory warning which can be enabled in settings.
✔ Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Atomic Web Browser has been getting some great press and reviews.

Atomic Web Browser App for iPad Blows Away Safari

Atomic Web Brings One Killer Function to iPad/iPhone Browsing

Atomic Web: A Better iPad Browser

Full-screen mode is a real bonus on the iPhone

Rrecommended: Atomic Web Browser

Speed up your Web Browsing Experience

Atomic Web Browser is the World’s Best Mobile Browser

Atomic Web Browser Version 2.9 was just approved.

- Option to automatically load the homepage in a newly created tab
- Option to load bookmarks in a specified folder on startup
- The current bookmark folder is remembered as long as the browser is not exited.
- Support for sites with invalid SSL certificates. A confirm dialog is now displayed
- Better error messages.
- Minor performance improvements and UI Changes

Bug Fixes:
- Rewrote history to fix bugs and make auto-suggestion of URLs more efficient.
- Fixed freeze
- Disabled gestures & long press when the keyboard is displayed
- Fixed issue where right area of address bar in landscape didn’t respond to touches
- Fixed issue with rotation lock in landscape mode and passcode lock is enabled affected(iPhone/iPod).
- Changed URL for shortening links in Twitter. ( stopped accepting new links)
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0 is currently in development. Some of the changes include a Bookmark Bar for iPad users and a revamped UI for iPhone/iPad.

New versions of both the free and full version of Atomic Web Browser were released today. Both versions get a new logo from Dougit Designs.  Other notable changes are

Atomic Web Browser v2.8:
- Made bookmarks a popup that doesn’t take the whole screen.(iPad only)
- Improved long press consistency
- Reduced long press time from 1 to 0.6seconds
- 3 finger tap now enters & exits full screen mode
- Added iPad and iPhone User Agents.
- Made gestures more accurate
- Added option to make gestures shorter
- bug fixes

Atomic Web Browser Lite V2.0:
- Universal binary for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
- Customizable full screen buttons
- Ability to increase or decrease the font

Version 2.7 was just approved. It comes with some major changes:

1) Universal binary for iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch

2) MultiTouch Gestures. These are configurable in settings->multitouch options.

default Values:

  • Double swipe left: Switch to Previous Tab
  • Double swipe right: Switch to Next Tab
  • Double swipe up: Load homepage
  • Double swipe down: close current tab

3) Option to Save the font size for a site.

4) Added FullScreen setting to show or hide the tab bar when entering full screen mode

5) Added new tab, next tab, prev tab, and close tab full screen buttons.

Version 2.6 was approved by apple. The changes include:

  • Included the option to add homepage, settings, action menu, increase/decrease font, Jump to Top/Bottom of page,  home button, and reload page buttons in full screen view.
  • A three finger tap will exit full screen mode.  You can now remove the exit full scren button for a true full screen view.
  • Added bookmarklet to launch Atomic Web Browser from Safari.
  • Added Easy install feature for search engines.  Goto->settings->search engines->find engines.

Version 2.5 was approved by apple. The changes include:

  • Support for saving pages with offline viewing.  Pages are stored in bookmarks.
  • Option to increase or decrease the font size.
  • Fixed search engine bug where international characters wouldn’t work.
  • Added Quick Access Options for rotation lock and private mode settings.