✔ Quick Scroll:
- Allows you to quickly scroll to a section of a webpage by touching the right side of the screen
- This can be enabled/disabled by a 2 finger tap in the middle of the screen. It can also be assigned to the Action menu or Full Screen buttons.

✔ New Gestures:
- 2 Finger tap Top : scroll up on page
- 2 Finger tap Middle : show / hide quick scrollbar
- 2 Finger Tap Bottom: scroll down on page
- These are configurable by going to settings->Multitouch Gestures

✔ Option to perform a search from the search bar in a new tab
- This can be enabled in settings->Address Bar & Search Bar

✔ Option to save webpages as HTML Only or Complete (Webarchive).

✔ Option to define a custom User Agent String.

✔ Page Up/Down:
- Scrolls the screen up or down one page
- Can be assigned to Multitouch Gestures, Action menu, and Full Screen buttons

✔ Bug fixes:
- The searchbar text is now cleared during private mode when clear session are enabled.
- Fixed long press display bug in iOS 5 when using an iPad
- Safari Bookmarklet didn’t work with https links
- Fixed bug with Google music on ipad.
- Fixed Share Link bug
- Keyboard disappeared when searching on eBay.

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