Version 5.1 has been approved. Changes include:

✔ Improved Dropbox support
- Default Folder can be configured in Settings
- Added progress bar. It will be displayed in the pending downloads section
- Improved error messages.

✔ Zip files can be extracted

✔ Background Audio support

✔ Three finger tap is now configurable
- TIP: If you want to use Atomic Browser in a Kiosk, disable the multitouch gestures and full screen buttons then put Atomic Web Browser in full screen mode.

✔ Recovery mode
- When recovery mode is enabled in the iphone/ipad settings, all tabs will be cleared the next time Atomic Web Browser is launched.

✔ Detect phone numbers
- this can be found in settings. When turned on, it will turn all text which looks like phone numbers to links.

✔ Reset tabs on low memory warning
- Disabled by default. When enabled the least used tab will reset like in Mobile Safari during low memory conditions.

✔ Added Identify Browser to quick settings for easy access.
✔ Switched Close and Help button locations settings
✔ Moved Open link in choices to “Tab Options”

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