Huge update released. Features include:

✔ Download Manager
- Send file to Dropbox
- Open in external applications like iBooks and Good Reader
- Transfer file using iTunes document sharing [requires IOS 3.2+]
- Send file to Email (15mb limit)

✔ Airprint [requires IOS4.2]

✔ Improved save webpage to save the file as a webarchive which contains all images and css.
- Webpages saved in previous versions will be transferred in an HTML format without images.

✔ Updated graphics
- The full screen button color can be changed in settings->color themes

✔ International Domain Name Support.
- Displaying international characters is turned off by default. Goto settings and enable Display IDN.

✔ Added option to always perform a specific task when opening a new tabs. Tasks include
- Launch bookmarks
- Display the URL keypad
- Load homepage in new tab
- Load a blank tab

✔ HTTP authentication passwords can now be saved and autofilled

✔ Delete history options
- Delete history for a day
- Delete specific history item
- to delete an item press the edit button on the top right of the history folder then click delete next to the item or folder to delete it.

✔ Changed the way low memory warnings are presented to make them less annoying.

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