Version 4.0 was just approved.  Changes include:

✔ TV Out for iPhone4 and iPad.
✔ Web Compression through Google mobilizer.
✔ Added shake gesture which can be configured.
✔ Save Webpage now supports PDFs

✔ Added Address Bar options
- Option to automatically clear the URL address bar when it is clicked on.
- Option to enable/disabling auto-suggesting URLs from the browser history.
- Option to automatically append .com to invalid urls. International users can change “.com” to their country code.

✔ Improved Private Mode. you can now individually turn on or off
- Save history
- Clear cookies on exit
- Clear session on exit

✔ New options for gestures and full screen buttons
- Find in Page / Search Engines
- Enter URL
- Close all tabs
- Share Link through Facebook
- Share Link through Email
- Share Link through Twitter

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