Atomic Web Browser has been getting some great press and reviews.

Atomic Web Browser App for iPad Blows Away Safari

Atomic Web Brings One Killer Function to iPad/iPhone Browsing

Atomic Web: A Better iPad Browser

Full-screen mode is a real bonus on the iPhone

Rrecommended: Atomic Web Browser

Speed up your Web Browsing Experience

Atomic Web Browser is the World’s Best Mobile Browser

  1. 8 Responses to “Atomic Web Browser Press”

  2. Nice job! Hope a new version will come out soon to fix the minor bugs and make this awesome browser perfect!

    By Nicejob on Apr 18, 2010

  3. Thanks for the comment. I will have a bug fix release out very soon.

    By Richard on Apr 18, 2010

  4. Richard, Do you know why Apple is taking so long with this update?

    did Apple find something else to be picky about, and require you to submit yet again?

    By doug A on Apr 27, 2010

  5. I’m not sure why it is taking so long. It has been in review since 5:51pm on April 22

    By Richard on Apr 27, 2010

  6. Cool, thanks for the reply. If I remember correctly, Apple did take almost two weeks to approve Opera’s Mobile Browser.…Must be something about Web Browsers vs other apps, and Apple’s extensive and time consuming approval process…

    By doug A on Apr 27, 2010

  7. Hi Richard,

    You may want to note that you have “import” misspelled as “inport” on the following page:


    By Mark on Apr 28, 2010

  8. Thanks :)

    By Richard on Apr 28, 2010

  9. i love the ability to post a webpage directly to Facebook or Twitter.

    By KUrt on May 29, 2010

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