Version 7 is out. Changes include:

✔ Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

✔ Cleaned up themes.

✔ Moved progress bar inside the address bar

✔ Added dashboard.
-To edit items added to the dash board, long press the image

✔ New option to bring up the search bar when opening a new tab
- can be found in settings->tab options

✔ Option to place the quick scroll bar on the left side of the screen for left handed users
- can be found in settings->quick scroll options

✔ Performance Improvements

✔ Added DuckDuckGo search engine by popular request

✔ Many bug fixes

✔ Quick Scroll:
- Allows you to quickly scroll to a section of a webpage by touching the right side of the screen
- This can be enabled/disabled by a 2 finger tap in the middle of the screen. It can also be assigned to the Action menu or Full Screen buttons.

✔ New Gestures:
- 2 Finger tap Top : scroll up on page
- 2 Finger tap Middle : show / hide quick scrollbar
- 2 Finger Tap Bottom: scroll down on page
- These are configurable by going to settings->Multitouch Gestures

✔ Option to perform a search from the search bar in a new tab
- This can be enabled in settings->Address Bar & Search Bar

✔ Option to save webpages as HTML Only or Complete (Webarchive).

✔ Option to define a custom User Agent String.

✔ Page Up/Down:
- Scrolls the screen up or down one page
- Can be assigned to Multitouch Gestures, Action menu, and Full Screen buttons

✔ Bug fixes:
- The searchbar text is now cleared during private mode when clear session are enabled.
- Fixed long press display bug in iOS 5 when using an iPad
- Safari Bookmarklet didn’t work with https links
- Fixed bug with Google music on ipad.
- Fixed Share Link bug
- Keyboard disappeared when searching on eBay.

New Features include:

✔ Added Button/Multitouch options for:
- Save to Read It Later
- Save to Delicious
- Save to Pinboard
- Save to Instapaper
- Format with Instapaper

✔ “Clear All” button added to privacy options

✔ You can now manually set the homepage through settings->load on startup / Homepage options.

Version 5.8 was just approved. New features include:
✔ Reorder tabs by long pressing a tab
✔ Added Format with Readability option to fullscreen buttons, action menu, and gestures.
✔ iPad users can now add an additional button to the left side of the address bar. Goto settings->regular screen buttons.
✔ Re-added support for untrusted SSL Certificates
✔ Airplay support for saved audio and video files (requires ios4.2+)
✔ Download Manager Improvements
- Improved filename and extension recognition.
- Removed save conformation screen. Downloads now start when you click download file
✔ Bookmarks can be exported through iTunes sharing

Bug fixes:
✔ Fixed encoding issue for search suggestions which affected some languages
✔ Rotation bug when composing Gmail messages
✔ Google+ shared links didn’t work
✔ bug where playback controls weren’t displaying for saved audio/video files
✔ IOS 5 Beta issues
✔ IOS 3 crash
✔ Settings Bugs

New Features include:

✔ Search Suggestions

✔ New long press options
- Long pressing a tab gives the options to close the tab, close all tabs, or close all tabs excluding the one pressed.
- Long pressing a bookmark on the bookmark bar will open it in a new window

✔ Autofill for saved forms
- Disabled by default. When enabled, Saved form fields will be filled out without the need to press the “Fill” button on the keyboard.

✔ Individual private can be deleted for
- Cookies
- Saved Forms
- Trusted SSL Sites
- Saved Authentications

✔ Option to disable autocorrect for the search bar.
- found in settings->search bar and address bar

✔ Option to limit the amount of history saved.
- found in settings->search bar and address bar
- Option is disabled for current users
- Set to 200 for new users

✔ Improved untrusted site support

Version 5.1 has been approved. Changes include:

✔ Improved Dropbox support
- Default Folder can be configured in Settings
- Added progress bar. It will be displayed in the pending downloads section
- Improved error messages.

✔ Zip files can be extracted

✔ Background Audio support

✔ Three finger tap is now configurable
- TIP: If you want to use Atomic Browser in a Kiosk, disable the multitouch gestures and full screen buttons then put Atomic Web Browser in full screen mode.

✔ Recovery mode
- When recovery mode is enabled in the iphone/ipad settings, all tabs will be cleared the next time Atomic Web Browser is launched.

✔ Detect phone numbers
- this can be found in settings. When turned on, it will turn all text which looks like phone numbers to links.

✔ Reset tabs on low memory warning
- Disabled by default. When enabled the least used tab will reset like in Mobile Safari during low memory conditions.

✔ Added Identify Browser to quick settings for easy access.
✔ Switched Close and Help button locations settings
✔ Moved Open link in choices to “Tab Options”

Huge update released. Features include:

✔ Download Manager
- Send file to Dropbox
- Open in external applications like iBooks and Good Reader
- Transfer file using iTunes document sharing [requires IOS 3.2+]
- Send file to Email (15mb limit)

✔ Airprint [requires IOS4.2]

✔ Improved save webpage to save the file as a webarchive which contains all images and css.
- Webpages saved in previous versions will be transferred in an HTML format without images.

✔ Updated graphics
- The full screen button color can be changed in settings->color themes

✔ International Domain Name Support.
- Displaying international characters is turned off by default. Goto settings and enable Display IDN.

✔ Added option to always perform a specific task when opening a new tabs. Tasks include
- Launch bookmarks
- Display the URL keypad
- Load homepage in new tab
- Load a blank tab

✔ HTTP authentication passwords can now be saved and autofilled

✔ Delete history options
- Delete history for a day
- Delete specific history item
- to delete an item press the edit button on the top right of the history folder then click delete next to the item or folder to delete it.

✔ Changed the way low memory warnings are presented to make them less annoying.

Atomic wins Macworld’s 2010 App Gems Award for best alternate browser:

Not everyone’s a fan of the mobile version of Safari. The built-in browser for Apple’s iOS device can feel rather limited, especially when compared to the desktop version. Limitations aren’t really a problem with Atomic Web Browser. The iPhone- and iPad-optimized browser is overflowing with options, letting you set up advanced privacy controls, run an ad blocker, customize searches, and even have Web servers recognize the app as another browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. With Atomic Web Browser on your iOS device, you can essentially customize the browsing experience you want.—PHILIP MICHAELS

Version 4.0 was just approved.  Changes include:

✔ TV Out for iPhone4 and iPad.
✔ Web Compression through Google mobilizer.
✔ Added shake gesture which can be configured.
✔ Save Webpage now supports PDFs

✔ Added Address Bar options
- Option to automatically clear the URL address bar when it is clicked on.
- Option to enable/disabling auto-suggesting URLs from the browser history.
- Option to automatically append .com to invalid urls. International users can change “.com” to their country code.

✔ Improved Private Mode. you can now individually turn on or off
- Save history
- Clear cookies on exit
- Clear session on exit

✔ New options for gestures and full screen buttons
- Find in Page / Search Engines
- Enter URL
- Close all tabs
- Share Link through Facebook
- Share Link through Email
- Share Link through Twitter